Senior Does

CH Golden Rule Alithia's Alexia
DOB: 02/22/10
Sire: Alpine-Valleys Prestissimo
Dam: The Alithia
LA: 07-1  V+VV 86
04-6  VVVE 88

Alexia is long, level and deep. Her well attached and nicely shaped mammary system is still producing well after 6 freshenings. She consistently produces triplets with ease.            She will be bred with  
*B Redwood Hills X-Rated Jester
Alexia - 4 years old
CH Golden Rule Gianna
DOB: 03/05/11
Sire: Alpine-Valleys Prestissimo
Dam: CH Galactorhea
LA: 08-11  V EC +
03-5  VEVV 88 
Gianna is a striking doe that catches your eye with dairy strength and levelness along her topline. She also has an udder that is great no matter what angle you view it from.
Her Linear Appraisal score of 88 VVEV was likely hindered by being dry due to mastitis.
She will be bred to Sherpani F Fred Krane.
Gianna- 3 years old
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GCH Golden Rule In Excelsis 1*M
DOB: 02/22/12
Sire: Alpine-Valleys Prestissimo
Dam: CH Galactorhea
Elizabeth was given a choice of keeping one of Gala's twins and she undoubtedly made the right choice. She was 2nd place Sr. Kid at the National Show, finished as a yearling, became a GCH as a two year old and continues to be a heavy milker and producer of beautiful kids.
She will be bred with *B Redwood Hills X-Rated Jester
Golden Rule Diamond
DOB: 03/03/12
Sire:  Windrush Farms WRJC Forte
Dam:  Golden Rule Gemini
LA:  VVVV 87
Diamond's show career has suffered from being kept dry as a yearling and being open as a 3 year old due to failed AI attempts.  However, she is staying around due to her length, topline, long and wide rump, as well as the potential we see in her mammary system.  She will be bred with
Sherpani F Fred Krane
Chelsi  - 4 years old
Athena - 4 years old
CH Golden Rule Alithia's Athena
DOB: 02/22/10
Sire: Alpine-Valleys Prestissimo
Dam: The Alithia
LA  04-6 VEEE 90

​Athena is eye catching when viewed from the side due to her combination of capacity, strength and daiyness. Her Linear Appraisal score of 90 VEEE at 6 years of age is a testament to the longevity of this line. She will be bred with Sherpani F Fred Krane.

Golden Rule Anthea's Athalia
DOB: 02/14/12
Sire:  Windrush Farms WRJC Forte
Dam:  CH Golden Rule Alithia's Anthea
Athalia is the only daughter we have from our beautiful Anthea who we sadly lost.  She has a topline to die for and combines it with dairy strength, general appearance and great foreudder attachment.   She has had two strong mid-teen placings in very competitive 3 and 4 year old classes at National shows.

Athalia will be bred with 
Sherpani F Fred Krane
Athalia  - 3rd Freshening 4 year old.
  Diamond in May, 2014 at Columbia City 
where she placed 2nd. 
First place was the 1st place 2 year old at the National show.
GCH Golden Rule Misfit''s Metal 1*M
DOB: 03/02/11
Sire: Alpine-Valleys Prestissimo
Dam: Granted Wishes WS-CHM Misfit
LA:  EEVV 90
Metal was one of those kids that you didn't have to think twice about keeping and finished 4th at the national show as a dry yearling. 4 freshenings later she is a heavy milker, standing on great feet and legs and finally finished her championship after winning 7 Reserves. She combines form and function as well as any goat we have ever owned.
She will be bred to Golden Rule Chancellor.​
Metal - 5 years old
Golden Rule Gala's Gladiola 1*M
DOB: 03/12/13
Sire:  Alpine Valleys Prestissimo
Dam:  CH The Galactorhea
LA:  +VVV 87
Glad survived the C-section her beautiful dam, Gala was lost to.  She is long and level and has great chest floor extension.  Her long and wide rump reminds us of Gala's.  Despite a long trip, extreme heat and humidity, she blew away the requirements for her Star Milker status.  

Glad will be bred with 
Golden Rule Alexander
Golden Rule Metal's Caesium 2*M
DOB: 02/12/13
Sire:  Windrush Farms WRJC Forte
Dam:  Golden Rule Misfit's Metal
LA:  VEVV 88

Casi is maturing into the type of goat we like to breed. She got her star milker status on an extremely hot and humid weekend after getting 2 Grands and a Reserve the previous month. She followed that up with a very well deserved 12th place in a tough 3 year old class at the National Show. We are excited to see what we get out of her as she will be bred to 
*B Redwood Hills X-Rated Jester.