For Sale
"We have learned many things by visiting different goat farms and your is, 
by far the best set-up that we have seen.  
You are obviously good stewards of the creatures that have been 
put under your care.  
I believe that the happiness and contentment of an animal greatly impacts its health,  so I am happy to do business with you."

Testimonial from a satisfied family we have served.
This is our goal with all of our animals and products.
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You can hold the goat of your choice with PayPal.  Please contact us to make sure the goat of your choice is available.
The deposit is $100 with the balance due at pickup.
$100 goat deposit.
We will have a nice selection of kids starting in March of 2019.    
Please contact us to see if we can help make a Golden Rule Alpine part of your herd.