Reference Goats

      Autumn Acres Kitty Nibbles
  DOB: 03/04/01Registration ID: AA1408266
Sire: Olentangy Fiery Arsonal *B
Dam: Autumn-Acres Kitty Cat 1*M ST2002
12 year old  Nibbles is the matriarch of much of our dairy herd. She was part of the family and our children hardly remember life without her.   She is a beautiful old girl and we will continue to breed her as long as possible.  She had much of what we were looking for in our goats and we are glad to have her gentics in our herd.  She Freshened 12 times and gave us one final doe we call Reveille. 
Nibbles as a 6 year old in 2007
           CH  Galactorehea
DOB: 03/01/08   Registration ID: AA1442698
Sire: Autumn-Acres Allegro
Dam: Autumn-Acres T Gatlin
LA 07-09  VEVV 88
      08-11  VEEE 91
Gala is the type of doe we are looking to produce.  She is very flashy and catches your eye the  moment she enters the ring excelling in general appearance with an exceptionally  long and level topline.   Her capacious and well attached mammary system is not only beautiful, it is also producing lots of milk a trait she gets from her two star milker dam.  One of her most important qualities is she is giving us more wonderful offspring.  
Gala pictured in July 2012, after placing 5th at the National ADGA show in Louisville, KY.
We lost Gala in 2013 after a C Section.
CH Golden Rule Alithia's Anthea
DOB: 03/30/09
Sire: Alpine-Valleys Prestissimo
Dam: The Alithia
LA: 06  V EC V
         02-05  VVEE 89
Thea was one of the most beautiful does we ever owned.  In a tragic case of events we lost her on the trip to Colorado for the National Show in 2012.  
We can only dream of how she would have done in CO and in the years to come.
Thea in 2011 as a 2 year old.

Alpine Valley Prestissimo
LA: 07-09  VEV 86
      08-11  EEE91
DOB: 04/09/08Registration ID: AA1463580
Sire: Amy's Pride AR Heartbreaker
Dam: Alpine-Valleys Mindy
Presto was used extensively in our herd once we got him as a kid.  We are thankful for the amazing contribution he made in our herd.  Sadly we lost him before we could collect on him, a mistake we will not make again.

 Pictured June, 2011 at the Tri-State show
 in Van Wert, OH.
Presto pictured late summer, 2012.
 Autumn Acres Allegro
              Pictured in June, 2009
Autumn Acres Allegro
DOB: 02/19/07Registration ID: AA1406051
Sire: Olentangy Snapple Tennant
Allegro Alithia and Galas sire.  This makes him a foundation of our herd.  We are thankful for the genetics that the Autumn Acres and Olentangy herd contributed to him.
 The Alithia
DOB: 02/16/08
Sire: Autumn Acres Allegro
Dam: Autumn Acres Kitty Nibbles
                LA:    05-01  VV+V 86
06-03  VEVE 89
Alithia is now the matriarch of the herd.  She has always been in the shadows of 
her daughters, 3 of whom are 
permanent Champions.    
She has great rear udder arch, body capacity and dairy strength.  She stands on great feet and has a wide rump and strong, level topline.  

Alithia as a  4 years old 
in 2012
Windrush Farms WRJC Forte
LA: 08-11  VVV 
DOB: 03/05/11Registration ID: AA1555151
Sire: ++*B Willow Run GB Juan Carlos
Dam: CH Windrush Farms IRS Renee

 We were thrilled with the opportunity to purchase a buck from Windrush Farms.  In 2011, Forte's dam, Renee, was 1st place 3 year old at the ADGA national show.  We are pleased with the many beautiful kids that he has given us and will be using him again for 2015 kids.